DYNAMIKA, is our purpose-built cloud-based next generation platform helps with the integration of disparate information in a trial from all of the data sources in order to provide investors, company’s management and all stakeholders with unparalleled visibility and transparency in the trial process.

Its cloud-based architecture ensures unprecedented speed of trial start-up, site qualification and initiation, reader training as well as global scalability, real-time control over the trial execution and data quality.

Automation of Data Management 

Built-in Audit Trail

DYNAMIKA’s process of integration continuously checks for the unplanned deviations from the study protocol, hardware instability or data quality issues, therefore ensuring that the study is sufficiently powered to reach the efficacy endpoint.

Built-in audit trail and automation of labour intensive steps such as image de-identification, image tracking, read adjudication and patient movement correction increases reproducibility between the readers up to 95% and improves budgets and timelines of a trial.

Use State-of-the Art and Best-in-Class Advanced Image Analysis Methdologies In Your Trial 

DYNAMIKA has built-in methodologies and tools for quantitative image processing and analysis. It allows to deploy advanced imaging algorithms and standardize them across multiple sites thus brining the power of the latest scientific innovations to prove your drug’s efficacy and make early go / no go decisions.

We continuously improving DYNAMIKA, closely working with our biotech clients and leading academics on implementation of novel methodologies and optimized image management routines.

Transparency of Trial Progress

Since 2008, Dynamika has been an integral part of Phase I to IV trials. By connecting multiple stakeholders including sites, image readers, investigators and project managers, we enable them to acquire, transfer and manage imaging data through the secure cloud infrastructure, share and query the data points and communicate with the trial team within the platform, manage performance of all stakeholders on the trial, conduct real-time data quality control and lock a database within 48h after the last patient visit.

This is a pure web-browser solution with compatibility to any PACS or scanner, which requires no additional hardware or software download for the site or reader.

IAG, Image Analysis Group

Our next-gen platform, R&D and service divisions together with funding mechanisms holistically address the broader issues experienced by biopharma with active and often complex clinical trial pipelines by providing an integrated approach to clinical development and strategic planning.

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