Meet IAG’s Bio-Partnering Team at JPM / Biotech Showcase, 11-13 Jan, 2021

Meet IAG's Bio-Partnering Team at JPM / Biotech Showcase, 11-13 Jan, 2021

Meet IAG’s Bio-Partnering Team at JPM / Biotech Showcase, 11-13 Jan, 2021

IAG’s team will be attending Biotech Showcase, 11-13 January 2021, with objective to meet clinical stage biotech companies developing novel treatments to address patients’ needs.

This meeting brings together investors, pharmaceutical executives, private and public biotechnology and life sciences companies.

IAG is a unique clinical development partner to life sciences companies. Our business model involves acting as a strategic investment partner, helping with positioning, de-risking, fund-raising including direct portfolio investment, and eventual exit; as well as delivering the research programmes ourselves in a comprehensive risk-sharing model.

IAG’s Bio-Partnering team is focused on building a diversified portfolio of innovative life science companies at various stages of clinical development. Over the last 2 years, we have secured 13 partnerships including 2 with blue chip pharma companies and with 11 biotech and research companies.

‘We are looking to meet new partners and bring our technology solutions and expertise to support biotech and pharma clinical development programs’, said Dr. Olga Kubassova, CEO of IAG.    

‘At IAG, by bringing strategic collaborators and smart investments, we support novel drug or technology development efforts through conceptualisation, clinical trials to market entry’, said David Chia, IAG’s Head of Bio-Partnering. 

Collaboratively, with the best academics of our time we are building mechanisms for early visibility of study performance through our DYNAMIKA platform. When needed and at the right time, our venture partners and analysts support development of the tailored strategies for potential M&As.

‘Our portfolio companies take full advantage of a wide range of IAG’s innovative R&D solutions, operational breadth and expertise, risk-sharing financing and partnership models’, added Dr. Diana Dupont-Roettger, IAG’s Chief Scientific Alliance Officer.

We directly invest or provide in-kind support to biotech and pharma companies, with potential to become a licenced pharmaceutical product, addressing unmet patient needs in immune-oncology, oncology, inflammation, rheumatology, musculoskeletal, rare diseases, neuro-degenerative and immunology markets. 

More on our recent partnerships can be found here:


About IAG, Image Analysis Group

Our goal is to accelerate novel drug development by using the right analytical tools and modern trial infrastructure. We take a broader view on the assets’ development and bring expertise in study design, execution, and commercialization. As needed, we deploy AI, Machine Learning, and smart image analysis methods to ensure the speed and cost-effectiveness of clinical programs. IAG’s team supports investors and biotech executive teams with deploying the right strategies for early efficacy assessments, objective response prediction and critical analysis of advanced treatment manifestations. Thus, lowering the investment risks into advanced therapies while helping to accelerate study outcomes.


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