Head of Medical Affairs / Radiology

Start Date:
September 30, 2021

Apply By:
September 1, 2021

Salary will Depend on Experience + Bonus

UK or USA (Flexible Location)

Employment Type:
Full time

Head of Medical Affairs: Imaging Clinical Trials

 We are looking for someone who has the knowledge, credibility and passion to work directly with our biotech and pharma clients, supporting them in strategic use of medical imaging in their trials so that their new drug safety or efficacy assessment could be done in the most efficient way.

This is the role for someone with solid medical imaging or radiology background, experience in drug development and passion for technology.

You will be providing medical scientific and imaging expertise to internal teams and consult our clients that conduct clinical trials that rely on medical imaging. You will be the medical and science link between IAG’s team, our experts and the client’s teams. You should enjoy both the science and the business sides of the conversations, making sure that the scientific advice we deliver will have a real impact on how the drug gets developed.

This role for someone who enjoys medical imaging research and is never bored of learning and discovering.

You understand how to develop an optimal imaging protocol for a specific study, how to collect images of high quality and how to interpret information from images and clinical data. You can bring a team together to follow the direction and inspire people to do their best. You are the person who takes ownership of the task but ensures that your teammates feel included and listened to.

You enjoy working directly with clients, you are comfortable with deadlines, doing good work fast and stress levels which are unavoidable in a business like IAG. It would be a plus if you were exposed to various roles and responsibilities in the clinical research organization or within a hospital, but if not, we will teach you that.

What is our culture?

We are not a firm that works 9 to 5, punching the clock. Instead, we have a high-performance culture that rewards creative solutions to daily challenges, as well as a strong work ethic. We certainly work hard, and are all in the office between 8:30 and 6:00 pm daily unless traveling. Going back online after dinner is common to get our jobs done. We make sure that each person is aware of the bigger picture and knows how he or she contributes to the overall business growth. Each team member is regularly appraised and rewarded through a bonus system when the company is doing well.

Job Requirements:

  • Hands experience and knowledge of medical imaging (MRI, CT, Xray, histology slides, PET) and imaging in clinical trials.
  • Speciality: oncology, rheumatology, body, neuro-imaging would be a plus.
  • Experience in analysing or reading medical images in either academic or trial setting.
  • Understanding of pharmaceutical and biotech companies and their drug development goals.
  • Ability to think what imaging can support the best possible outcome in a given trial or project.
  • Degree in radiology, medical imaging or sciences.
  • Exposure to business, sales, marketing would be a plus.
  • Desire to be a part of the company that makes a real impact and challenges the status quo.
  • Ability to take initiative, creativity and can-do attitude.

How much could someone earn in this role?

Our company has a multi-part compensation structure:

  • Competitive base salary based on experience and skills.
  • We contribute to each employee’s pension.
  • Every person is eligible to receive a quarterly competitive bonus based on exceptional individual and firm performance.
  • Other benefits

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: negotiable

IAG, Image Analysis Group, is a fast-growing digital imaging and technology company serving biotech and pharmaceutical clients. IAG team provides imaging expertise, technology and operational support to clients developing novel therapeutics using medical imaging-based markers in a multi-centre trials. IAG’s foundation is in software development, AI and computer science applied to medical image analysis. Today IAG’s team is a blend of technologists, computer scientists, radiologists and medical experts in drug trial development and trial delivery. We created our cloud platform DYNAMIKA, which now incorporates novel image analysis approaches which we are taking commercially and actively using in clinical trials supporting our clients’ drug development. We are here to bring the new thinking into the clinical development while acknowledging the power of state-of-the-art methods. We believe that to be successful in developing an advance therapy or addressing precision medicine concept, we need to work with best available imaging (MR, CT, PET) and the best possible image processing techniques.

DYNAMIKA, IAG’s cloud platform for robust imaging data management in multi-centre trial setting and central review. This is one comprehensive software system to control trial progress, conduct central reads and, when needed, use built-in AI for earlier read-outs and decision support. DYNAMIKA has powered  over 400 global clinical studies, from ph I-IV helping to manage MRI, CT, X-ray, PET, immunoPET, SPECT, US, histology, and fluoroscopy imaging. Over the past decade, we engaged with more than 4,000 sites, processing complex imaging data from thousands of patients. Today we receive imaging data from over 200 patient per week, which translates to analysing over 10,000 scans annually. IAG is a partner to biotech and pharma companies, working on development of drugs to address unmet patients’ needs in a variety of therapeutic areas. You can read more about our partnerships and projects here: http://www.ia-grp.com/trial-solutions/bio-partnering/

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