Webinar: Successful Oncology Clinical Trials

Webinar: Successful Oncology Clinical Trials

IAG’s Imaging Expert Team Discuss Successful Oncology Clinical Trials and the Impact of Novel Technologies

Join Dr. Diana Dupont-Roettger, Chief Scientific Alliance Officer and Sebastien Jacques, Senior Project Manager for Oncology during a live webinar to discuss the role of new technology and imaging that support successful oncology clinical trial delivery.

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Request password: imaging.experts@ia-grp.com or diana.roettger@ia-grp.com

About the Webinar:

IAG’s imaging experts will share their experience in designing and delivering oncology clinical trials, that use quantitative imaging alongside standard radiographic response criteria, such as RECIST 1.1, iRECIST, RANO, Lugano.

The individual steps that are crucial for successful imaging data management that complies with latest regulatory requests will be outlined and discussed.

In addition, the team will highlight how the use of DYNAMIKA, IAG’s cloud based trial infrastructure, adds efficiencies and cost savings.

Key discussion points:

  • Quality, Integrity and Security of data in a cloud-based trial infrastructure
  • Speed of the processes and ability to make decisions fast
  • Change between high level trial overview and details
  • Real time availability of data
  • Transparency of stakeholders’ performance
  • Integration of Advanced Imaging



About Sebastien Jaques, MSc, PMP:

Experienced Project Manager with a 12+ years of history of working in the pharmaceuticals industry. Skilled in Management, Software Engineering and Information Technology, as well operational planning and oversight, planning of risks, resource, time, budget and effectively managing the project and the project team from concept to database lock.

About Dr. Diana Dupont-Roettger:
Diana is a Medical Computer Scientist by background with strong experience in novel imaging technologies and imaging markers as well as their role for biotech and pharma. She is an expert in scientific imaging clinical trial design and advises biotech and pharma on the strategic use of advanced imaging to evaluate mechanism of action, enable precision medicine and accelerate drug development in immuno-oncology and neuro-oncology indications. Diana is actively working with biotech, pharma and investment funds helping to bridge the gap between academic research, business objectives and finances.

About Image Analysis Group (IAG)

IAG, Image Analysis Group is a unique partner to life sciences companies. IAG leverages expertise in medical imaging and the power of Dynamika™ – our proprietary cloud-based platform, to de-risk clinical development and deliver lifesaving therapies into the hands of patients much sooner.  IAG provides early drug efficacy assessments, smart patient recruitment and predictive analysis of advanced treatment manifestations, thus lowering investment risk and accelerating study outcomes. IAG bio-partnering takes a broader view on asset development bringing R&D solutions, operational breadth, radiological expertise via risk-sharing financing and partnering models.

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