Reporter Gene Imaging and its Role in Imaging-Based Drug Development.

This abstract presents how RGI can be used in drug development for pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic assessment of cellular, gene, oncolytic viral and immunotherapeutic approaches using MRI, PET, SPECT, Ultrasound, Bioluminescence and Fluoroscence.  Some of the teaching points include further insight into RGI imaging probes that can be direct, indirect or activable; range from enzymes, protein receptors and cell membrane transporters and how RGI qualitatively and quantitatively assesses cell targeting, transfection, protein expression and intracellular processes.

Molecular Imaging in Genomic Medicine

Molecular imaging is the result of advances in the fields of molecular biology and imaging technology and has become an increasingly important tool in the discovery and understanding of a wide range of pathophysiologic processes, ranging from genetic disorders to malignant conditions. The advancement in molecular pathology techniques has enabled us to study the complex genotype of disease entities and how it impacts their behaviour and natural history. Image‐guided genomic medicine utilises methodologies to integrate genomic and radiologic data to develop insights into the genotype–phenotype relationship, which in turn can guide medical decision‐making and treatment planning