About Us


IAG, Image Analysis Group is a valued partner to life sciences companies. Our goal is to accelerate novel drug developments, by using the right analytical tools and a modern trial infrastructure.

At IAG, we are committed to helping our biotech and pharma partners to efficiently develop novel life-changing medicines, accelerating their R&D pipelines through advanced analytics, IAG’s technology solutions and imaging contract research services.

IAG’s foundation is in software development, use of Artificial Intelligence and data sciences applied to medical imaging.

Today, IAG helps clients in optimizing clinical trial designs with imaging-based methodologies that can accelerate go / no-go efficacy decisions for emerging therapeutics and enrich patient selection in musculoskeletal, oncology, immunology, rheumatology, CNS and rare disease trials.

IAG’s proprietary technology platform DYNAMIKA, developed to maximize efficiencies of handling imaging data in multi-centre clinical trials is used by pharmaceutical companies, CROs, biotechnology companies, and academics worldwide.

Smart use of novel approaches for central image review and our modern trial infrastructure ensure the speed and cost-effectiveness of phase I-VI trial execution, while delivering insights about novel mechanisms of action and patients’ response, in real-time.

IAG’s teams together with its world-class Scientific Advisory Board closely to work with our life science partners in addressing their goals of smart trial design, efficient execution and transparent processes.

We are here to create successful partnerships and to see more patients cured with the drugs, that we can help you to develop.


Combining extensive expertise in medical imaging, proprietary analytics tools and multi-sites trials optimized cloud-based platform to help our clients in their innovative drugs development journey.


Driven by the objective of facilitating clinical trials, IAG’s Team is supporting each step of the process to ensures optimized processes, fast projects executions and better outcomes.


Constantly working to deliver our best to reach the goals of our sponsors and partners, IAG’s team is also traveling around the world to meet you and share together the medicine of tomorrow.

Global Client Services:  Clinical Trials
At IAG, we strategically use imaging, such as MRI, CT, and PET to accelerate drug development and lower investment risks into R&D. Whether you are entering a phase I-III and need early robust efficacy data or planning an A.I. powered innovation project, our science, operations, and technology teams will work with you to develop the right solution.
DYNAMIKA, Image Management Platform
IAG’s proprietary platform DYNAMIKA supports seamless data collection, real-time image Quality Control, analytics, and data ingestion. DYNAMIKA brings AI / ML into trial process to allow for a fully transparent data management, trial execution control and central review.



Since 2007, many articles were published by IAG’s team and advisory board to cover scientific discoveries, technology break-throughs and special cases. We list here some critically important papers and abstracts.

Quality Management

Rigorous quality standards, our products and processes adhere to ISO13485 and other industry standard requirements. Our Quality Management System is certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI).