Senior Leadership


Dr. Olga Kubassova, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Life Science Innovator, Venture Partner and Bio-Pharma Drug Development Strategist

Chief Excecutive Officer of IAG and mathematician with 10+ years expertise in actively managing innovation in life science companies, asset positioning, strategy and capital.

Jan Lundberg_TB Alliance Board of Directors
Dr. Jan Lundberg
Chair of Scientifc Advisory Board
Novel Drug Discovery and Development

Chair of IAG’s Scientifc Advisory Board and ex-head of R&D for Lilly, with 20+ years of R&D global pharmaceutical companies, developing treatments in immunology, neurology and oncology.

Jamshid Dehmeshki, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Expert in Imaging, AI and Machine Learning in Drug Development

IAG’s CTO and expert in medical image analysis, data mining, algorithm development, medical image and video processing, mathematical, stochastic and forecasting modelling and numerical analysis.

Christophe Berthoux, MD
Biotech and Pharma Drug Development Strategy

Chairman of IAG and operating partner of ArchiMed, recognized commercial leader in clinical research sector, investor and strategist.

Michael Clark, PMP
Chief Operating Officer
Building Teams and Scalling Capabilities to Deliver Global Scale Imaging Clinical Trials

IAG’s COO and Industry’s Veteran with 20+ years of experience growing teams and scaling operations to delivery programs for Bio-Pharma industry.

Richard Nichol
Chief Finance Officer
Financial, P&L and Investment Professional with 20+ years of Expertise in Life science Industry

IAG’s CFO and Investment Professional with 20+ years of Expertise in Life science Industry

Jeremy Nettle
Digital Disruption on the Healthcare Expert

Jeremy has served as a Global Client Adviser for Healthcare in Oracle for 10 years.

Robert Karl
Investment Director
Investment Strategy and Capital for Life-Sciences Companies

Robert is heavily involved into building a diversified investment portfolio composed of early to market stage products.

Richard Barker, OBE
Precision Medicine Expert

Expert in transforming the process of medical innovation in response to the future challenges facing healthcare worldwide, and advising and assisting life science enterprises.