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IAG, Image Analysis Group
Leading imaging Clinical Research Organization that combines medical and operational expertise with cutting-edge proprietary A.I. capabilities to power drug development, and to deliver the potential for companion diagnostic tool. IAG has been serving biotech and pharma clients globally since 2007, reliably supporting all aspects of phase I to III imaging trials across multiple indications. Our team helps to optimise imaging studies by leveraging our in-house radiology expertise in the design and execution of trials, and through our cutting-edge Dynamika platform, which allows for effective imaging data management and accelerated patient recruitment. With a pioneering proven innovation strategy, we enhance the value and market potential of novel therapeutic assets, as demonstrated through successful pharmaceutical partnerships.
DYNAMIKA, Image Management Platform
IAG’s proprietary platform DYNAMIKA supports seamless data collection, real-time image Quality Control, analytics, and data ingestion. DYNAMIKA brings AI / ML into trial process to allow for a fully transparent data management, trial execution control and central review.

Since 2007, many articles were published to cover scientific discoveries, technology break-throughs and special cases. We list some critically important papers and abstracts.

Quality Management

Rigorous quality standards, our products and processes adhere to ISO13485 and other industry standard requirements. Our Quality Management System is certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI).