DYNAMIKA, IAG’s cloud platform for robust imaging data management in multi-centre trial setting and central review.

This is one comprehensive software system to control trial progress, conduct central reads and, when needed, use built-in AI for earlier read-outs and decision support.

Certified: ISO13485, FDA510K, CE, 21 CFR Part 11.

DYNAMIKA has powered  over 400 global clinical studies, from ph I-IV helping to manage MRI, CT, X-ray, PET, immunoPET, SPECT, US, histology, and fluoroscopy imaging. Over the past decade, we engaged with more than 4,000 sites, processing complex imaging data from thousands of patients. Today we receive imaging data from over 200 patient per week, which translates to analysing over 10,000 scans annually.

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Control of Imaging Data Workflow 

DYNAMIKA’s cloud-based architecture ensures unprecedented speed of trial start-up, site qualification and initiation. It can be used in any size trial and requires no additional hardware or software download. By connecting multiple stakeholders, e.g. sites, readers, investigators and project managers, we enable them to acquire, transfer and manage imaging data through the secure cloud infrastructure, share and query the data points and communicate with the trial team within the platform, manage performance of all stakeholders on the trial, conduct real-time data quality control and lock a database within 48h after the last patient visit.

Imaging Data Review  

Once the images are uploaded on a cloud and QC’ed, the same platform is used to score the images. DYNAMIKA incorporates all state-of-the art scoring systems, including RECIST 1.1., RANO, RAMRIS and others. It incorporates IAG’s  and 3rd party algorithms for quantitative imaging data assessment.

You will be deploying the latest methods for image reading in your trial, thus aiming for earlier read-outs, robust go / no-go decisions, reliable assessment of ‘pseudo-progression’ or other sophisticated new drug  reactions.

We thrive to bring the best and the latest of the imaging biomarkers into one platform and have in-house full development team of computer scientists, algorithm developers, IT specialists and programmers.

On Time, on Budget, with no Quality Compromise 

Automation of labour intensive steps, such audit trail, de-identification, tracking, read adjudication saves time. Advanced built-in functionality for patient movement correction and inter-scan alignment increases reproducibility of the results and accuracy of the reading.

Due to continuous automated checks for the unplanned deviations from the study protocol, hardware instability or data quality issues, with DYNAMIKA, we ensure that the study is sufficiently powered and the data is not lost due to quality issues.

DYNAMIKA allows for consistent integration of disparate information in a trial from all of the data sources in order to provide investors, company’s management and all stakeholders with unparalleled visibility and transparency in the trial process.

IAG, Image Analysis Group

Maximizing chances to succeed in taking break-through therapies from phase I to the patient. We broadly leverage our expertise in medical imaging, AI based analytics, DYNAMIKA, the cloud platform and risk sharing business model  to enable faster fact-based decisions on drug efficacy, optimised control over the trial performance and study finances.

Imaging Services in Clinical Trials

We strategically use of Imaging, such as MRI, CT, PET to accelerates drug development and lower investment risks. Whether you are entering a phase I/II and need early robust efficacy data or preparing a successful H2H or superiority trial, our science, operations and technology teams will work with you to develop the right solution. Find more on what and how we do in in the libraries of successful case histories


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Since 2007, over 2000 articles were published to cover scientific discoveries, technology break-throughs and special cases. We list here some critically important papers and abstracts.

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Running an academic project and need DYNAMIKA for research?

Speak with us about DYNAMIKA Open Access Programme, started in 2010 to support academic innovators: