We enable biotech and pharma executive teams to grow the company’s value by maximizing clinical outcomes and chances of success through improved business norms. For over 10 years, we helped our bio-pharma partners to overcome the challenges to successful drug development and achieved unparalleled business results by transferring our scientific expertise, operational practices and technology innovation to their organizations.

Examples include Phase 3 deal terms at the Phase 2 stage, achieving statistically significant efficacy data in Phase I, agreeing to an acquisition before study completion, Phase 2 study results being accepted by the FDA as a pivotal study.

In all our projects, we use our patented benchmarking libraries, analytics platform DYNAMIKA and expert advisory board to diligently design your trial and to choose the right biomarkers and endpoints so that we can accurately project costs and timelines, discover risks and identify potential regulatory issues or barriers to approval.

We understand that each trial needs to deliver scientifically credible data, which is often pivotal to any future developments of your assets as well as financial health of the company. This is a summary of the metrics on the results from our biotech and pharma clients.



Dr. Olga Kubassova, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Life Science Innovator, Venture Partner and Bio-Pharma Drug Development Strategist

Chief Excecutive Officer of IAG and mathematician with 10+ years expertise in actively managing innovation in life science companies, asset positioning, strategy and capital.

Jan Lundberg_TB Alliance Board of Directors
Dr. Jan Lundberg
Chair of Scientifc Advisory Board
Novel Drug Discovery and Development

Chair of IAG’s Scientifc Advisory Board and ex-head of R&D for Lilly, with 20+ years of R&D global pharmaceutical companies, developing treatments in immunology, neurology and oncology.

Jamshid Dehmeshki, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Expert in Imaging, AI and Machine Learning in Drug Development

IAG’s CTO and expert in medical image analysis, data mining, algorithm development, medical image and video processing, mathematical, stochastic and forecasting modelling and numerical analysis.

Christophe Berthoux, MD
Biotech and Pharma Drug Development Strategy

Chairman of IAG and operating partner of ArchiMed, recognized commercial leader in clinical research sector, investor and strategist.

Michael Clark, PMP
Chief Operating Officer
Building Teams and Scalling Capabilities to Deliver Global Scale Imaging Clinical Trials

IAG’s COO and Industry’s Veteran with 20+ years of experience growing teams and scaling operations to delivery programs for Bio-Pharma industry.

Richard Nichol
Chief Finance Officer
Financial, P&L and Investment Professional with 20+ years of Expertise in Life science Industry

IAG’s CFO and Investment Professional with 20+ years of Expertise in Life science Industry

Dr. Sotirios Bisdas, MD, PhD
Head of Neuro-Oncology and Neurology
Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Neurology, UCL, London, UK and professor in radiology at the University of Tübingen, Germany.

IAG’s Head of Neuro-Oncology and Neurology Clinical Research and Expert in using cutting-edge imaging approaches in clinical research of brain tumours and neurological conditions.

Clinical Advisory Board
Medical Oncologist

Board-certified oncologist and internally renowned cancer researcher

Dr. Diana Dupont-Roettger, PhD
IAG's Chief Scientific Alliance Officer and Bio-Partnering Director
Imaging Clinical Research Expert

IAG’s Chief Scientific Alliance Officer and Bio-Partnering Director with 10+ years of scientific expertise in medical imaging and advising life science companies.

Faiq Shaikh, MD
IAG's Head of Research & Enterprise (Oncology & Radiomics)

IAG’s Expert in molecular imaging, radiomics and clinical research with a special focus on implementing advanced imaging in clinical trials.

Prof. Henning Bliddal, MD, DMSc
Clinical Advisory Board
Clinical Osteoarthritis Expert

Research Professor with expertise and focus on developing new treatments for osteoarthritis.

Dr. Guillermo Valenzuela, M.D., F.A.C.R.
Clinical Advisory Board
Clinical Rheumatology Expert

Dr. Valenzuela is a recognized leader in the treatment of complex cases of Arthritic and Rheumatic diseases.

Prof. Mikkel Østergaard, MD, PhD, DMSc
Clinical Advisory Board
Imaging in Rheumatoid Arthritis Expert

With special interest in MRI and US of joints affected by rheumatoid arthritis, Prof. Mikkel Østergaard co-authored more than 125 scientific articles.

Dr. Nikolay Tzaribachev, MD
Clinical Advisory Board
Paediatric Rheumatology Expert

Dr. Tzaribachev is running one of the largest clinics and is a hands-on paediatric rheumatologist at the University Children’s Hospital in Tuebingen, Germany.

Dr. John Carrino, MD, MPH
Clinical Advisory Board
Musculoskeletal Imaging Expert

Dr. Carrino is an internationally renowned radiologist with particular expertise in diagnostic imaging and percutaneous image-guided intervention.

UHealth Portraits-1633
Dr Ty K Subhawong
Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology

Musculoskeletal radiologist expert in bone and soft tissue sarcoma imaging. Co-author of 75 peer reviewed publications.

Jeremy Nettle
Digital Disruption on the Healthcare Expert

Jeremy has served as a Global Client Adviser for Healthcare in Oracle for 10 years.

Robert Karl
Investment Director
Investment Strategy and Capital for Life-Sciences Companies

Robert is heavily involved into building a diversified investment portfolio composed of early to market stage products.

Dr. Syed Rahman-Uddin
Clinical Advisory Board
Oncology Expert

Extensive knowledge in advanced oncology imaging and over 15 years of hands-on experience in CT, MR and US clinical research.

Dr. Asim Mian
Assistant Professor of Radiology
Neuro-oncology Imaging Expert

Dr. Mian is a board certified radiologist with a certificate of added qualification in Neuroradiology.

Dr. Francesco Del Galdo
Clinical Advisory Board Member
Expert in Scleroderma Clinical Research

International PI and Head of Scleroderma Programme at the UK’s largest Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Hospital.

Dr. Stephan Anderson
Professor of Radiology
Thoraco-abdominal Imaging Expert

Diagnostic radiologist in Boston Medical Center, specializing in thoraco-abdominal imaging.

Dr. Malcolm Barratt-Johnson
Managing Director, PharmaMedic Consultancy Ltd
Regulatory Strategy Expert

Physician with over 18 years pharmaceutical experience in Medical and Regulatory affairs.

Dr. Robert Stein, MD, PhD
Scientific Expert in Pre-Clinical Development and Translational Medicine

Scientific expert in preclinical development and translational medicine.

Dr. Peter Mitchell, PhD
Scientific Expert in Arthritis and Inflammation

Scientific expert with 25 years of commercial pharmaceutical leadership focused on arthritis and inflammation.

Richard Barker, OBE
Precision Medicine Expert

Expert in transforming the process of medical innovation in response to the future challenges facing healthcare worldwide, and advising and assisting life science enterprises.

Prof. Felix Eckstein
Expert in Assessment of Degenerative Changes in Osteoarthritis

Advisor and Expert in Assessment of Degenerative Changes in Osteoarthritis

Prof. Peter Taylor, MA, BM, BCh, FRCP, FRCPE
Clinical Advisory Board
Rheumatology Clinical Research Expert

20+ years’ experience in clinical trial design and international leadership in studies of biologic and small molecular therapies in RA and AS.

Prof. Mease Philip, MD
Clinical Advisory Board
Rheumatology Clinical Research Expert

Leading researcher in emerging therapies and disease state metrics for rheumatic diseases.

Prof. Hani Gabra, MD
Clinical Advisory Board
Clinical Oncology Expert

Expert with strong interests relating to the understanding of platinum resistance in ovarian cancer.

Prof. Ali Mobasheri
President-Elect, Osteoarthritis Research Society International

Expert in Musculoskeletal Clinical Research & Biomarkers

Dr John Howard Sampson, M.D., Ph.D, M.B.A, M.H.S.c
Clinical Advisory Board
Clinical Oncology Expert

Recognized leader in the surgical resection and experimental treatment of complex brain tumors

Prof. Mikael Boesen, MD, PhD
Head of Musculoskeletal Imaging Research
Musculoskeletal Imaging Research and Drug Development

IAG’s Head of Musculoskeletal Imaging Research and distinguished scientist with 18+ years expertise in radiology, imaging and use of AI in inflammatory, rheumatic and degenerative joint diseases.

Dr. Sven Kili, MD, PhD
Cell & Gene Therapy Senior Leader

IAG’s Cell and Gene Therapy Expert and Senior Leader, Board Member and Investment Committee Member.

Ben Photo
Benjamin M. Ellingson, Ph.D.
Clinical Advisory Board
IAG's Radiology Expert and Opinion Leader in Brain Tumor Imaging

IAG’s Radiology Expert and Opinion Leader in Brain Tumor Imaging and clinical research with a special focus on implementing advanced imaging in Glioma/Glioblastoma.

Michael Brun Andersen
Dr. Michael Brun Andersen
Clinical Advisory Board
IAG's Radiology Expert and Opinion Leader in Imaging for Lung Disease

IAG’s Radiology Expert and Opinion Leader in Imaging of Lung Diseases, including cancer, infection and pneumonia.

Screenshot 2020-05-03 at 13.57.14
Dr. Muhammad Ali Memon
Clinical Advisory Board
IAG's Ophtalmology Expert and Clinical Trials Fellow

IAG’s Ophtalmology Expert and Clinical Trials Fellow, with extensive experience in the management and study of AMD, retinopathies, uveitis and other conditions of the eye.

Nathalie Faye, MD, PhD
Clinical Advisory Board
IAG's Oncology and IO Expert and Clinical Trials Fellow

IAG’s Oncology Expert with extensive experience in image analysis and image review using RECIST 1.1., iRECIST and other oncology reading criteria.

Francisca Mulero, MD, PhD
Clinical Advisory Board
IAG's Oncology and IO Expert and Clinical Trials Fellow

IAG’s medical scintigraphy and nuclear medicine specialist, focusing on imaging diagnosis and therapeutics.

Mette Mogensen, MD, PhD
Clinical Advisory Board

IAG’s skin imaging and dermatology expert focused on drug development in cutaneous lupus, melanoma and other skin diseases.