Computer-Assisted Learning Applications in Health Educational Informatics: A Review.

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Computer-assisted learning (CAL) as a health informatics application is a useful tool for medical students in the era of expansive knowledge bases and the increasing need for and the consumption of automated and interactive systems. As the scope and breadth of medical knowledge expand, the need for additional learning outside of lecture hours is becoming increasingly important. CAL can be an impactful adjunct to conventional methods that currently exist in the halls of learning. There is an increasing body of literature that suggests that CAL should be a commonplace and the recommended method of learning for medical students. Factors such as technical issues that hinder the performance of CAL are also evaluated. We conclude by encouraging the use of CAL by medical students as a highly beneficial method of learning that complements and enhances lectures and provides intuitive, interactive modulation of a self-paced curriculum based on the individual’s academic abilities.

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