MRI findings of posttraumatic intrahepatic vascular shunts.

MRI findings of posttraumatic intrahepatic vascular shunts.

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To describe the features of posttraumatic intrahepatic vascular shunts (PIVS) as seen on MRI.

Materials and Methods

A search was performed for patients with MRI features compatible with PIVS in the Abdominal MRI databases between January 2002 and March 2008. This study was approved by our institutional review board. All patients were imaged using a protocol that included noncontrast T1‐weighted and T2‐weighted images, and postgadolinium gradient‐echo images.


Eleven patients (eight men, three women; mean age 55.36 years; range 43–77 years) were identified with PIVS. The following imaging features were observed: dilation of afferent and efferent vessels (five patients), transient hepatic parenchymal blush in a watershed distribution (11 patients), and early opacification of efferent vessels (11 patients).


Patients with PIVS exhibit features that are distinctive for this entity and include: dilatation of efferent and afferent vessels, transient parenchymal blush, and early opacification of efferent vessels.

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