Vivacitas Oncology and IAG Partner in the Development of AR-67 for Patients with Recurrent Glioblastoma

Vivacitas Oncology and IAG Partner in the Development of AR-67 for Patients with Recurrent Glioblastoma

Vivacitas Oncology and IAG Partner to Integrate Novel Imaging Markers in the Development of AR-67 in Recurrent Glioblastoma Patients


– Vivacitas Oncology, Inc. (“Vivacitas”), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on tough to treat cancers,  and Image Analysis Group(“IAG”), a leading global medical imaging company, are collaborating  to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and advanced imaging strategies to further the development of AR-67, a third generation Camptothecin, in patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (reGBM).

Advanced imaging techniques could play a critical role in response assessment in developing new and innovative cancer therapies.

Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) provides quantitative non-invasive imaging markers of early therapy-related changes.

IAG is deploying its proprietary, cloud-based imaging approach to provide scientific evidence of early therapy response.

Tina Runk, Vivacitas co-founder and Executive Vice President of Clinical Operations stated,

“Working with IAG, we performed a retrospective analysis of imaging data from our Phase 2 clinical study of AR-67 activity in recurrent GBM, in which their  technology was applied to assess pseudoprogression from true progression of disease. This assessment capability demonstrates  the benefit of potentially including this technology in future pivotal clinical trials and treatment regimens to ensure patient retention based on more detailed and objective criteria.”

Dr. Diana Dupont-Roettger, the Chief Scientific Alliance Officer at IAG stated:

“We are excited to bring the latest and most impactful imaging strategies to Vivacitas to ensure a scientific excellence and efficient drug development process.”


Vivacitas Oncology is a private clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on combating those cancers that have proven to be frustratingly resistant to current treatment modalities. It originated with the vision of Dr. Joseph Rubinfeld (co-founder of Amgen) with the intent to improve upon well known chemotherapies with demonstrated effect, but which also possess challenges with potency, toxicity, stability, and other issues limiting their use.  Through an enduring spirit, Vivacitas continues to apply clarity, tenacity, and vision in our fight against intractable cancers and our pursuit of new treatment options for patients and their families worldwide.

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ABOUT IAG, Image Analysis Group 

IAG, Image Analysis Group is a unique partner to life sciences companies, leading AI-powered drug development and precision medicine. IAG leverages expertise in medical imaging and the power of Dynamika™ – our proprietary cloud-based platform, to de-risk clinical development and deliver lifesaving therapies into the hands of patients much sooner.  IAG provides early drug efficacy assessments, smart patient recruitment and predictive analysis of advanced treatment manifestations, thus lowering investment risk and accelerating study outcomes. IAG bio-partnering takes a broader view on asset development bringing R&D solutions, operational breadth, radiological expertise via risk-sharing financing and partnering models.

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