DYNAMIKA and Cloud Infrastructure in Clinical Trials

DYNAMIKA and Cloud Infrastructure in Clinical Trials

DYNAMIKA and Cloud Infrastructure in Clinical Trials

Webinar: AI and Cloud – Power of Modern Trial Infrastructure for Accelerated Drug Development

Speed, quality, and cost of drug development depend on the robust clinical trial design, targeted patient selection and optimal efficacy assessments. Imaging is increasingly used in clinical trials to improve success rate and reveal early evidence of treatment impact.

IAG, Image Analysis Group is a leading medical imaging expert company driving the use of quantitative imaging as an early evidence for drug development. We improve speed and reproducibility of radiological reviews with Computer-Aided workflows and bring smart often AI driven methodologies to extract the full spectrum of information from medical images. Thus, giving biotech or pharma companies early powerful efficacy data in clinical trials.

In this webinar, we speak about our proprietary cloud-based platform DYNAMIKA and show how it can increase efficiencies of traditional radiological reviews while integrating the best of advanced quantitative image analysis in clinical trials.

We will show how the flow of an imaging part of a clinical trial improves when operational teams can take advantage of automated data de-identification, built-in audit trail and notification system, automated quality control, and seamless workflows for all trial stakeholders.

Our therapeutic experts will show case studies of early drug evidence, trial enrichment and advanced treatment efficacy assessments from phase I-IV trials in oncology, neurology, and rheumatology.

This webinar will be interesting to those who are responsible for clinical trials operations, design of clinical trial protocols, imaging biomarker selection, patient recruitment and overall success of clinical programs.

Topics Covered:

De-risking clinical trials and accelerating drug development through efficient central imaging data management and centralized review.

  • Powering your trial with DYNAMIKA in a global multi-centre trial setting and delivering complex imaging trials.
  • AI-powered controls over your image data quality and radiological reviews.
  • Insight into the advanced data analytics / advanced quantitative approaches and their impact on the efficacy data.


Dr. Olga Kubassova, CEO of IAG and life science innovator, mathematician with expertise in actively managing innovation in life science companies, asset positioning, and strategy. Extensive expertise and domain knowledge in identifying innovative approaches to clinical research, disruptive technology platforms and novel therapeutics. Olga is an active researcher, with over 80 publications, books and book chapters. She is a scientific adviser to the UK government and EU funding bodies. Her ambition is to bring truly disruptive technologies, artificial intelligence and best of machine learning to clinical practice and research, while expanding IAG’s footprint and partnerships.

Prof. Jamshid Dehmeshki, CTO of IAG, is a software engineer with passion for medical imaging and 20+ years of mixed academic and commercial background. He is supporting IAG’s bio-pharma clients in the design and delivery of complex imaging trials that require the best in breed technology solutions. Jamshid’s experience is in enterprise development environments, medical device quality control, algorithm development and patenting novel approaches to medical image analysis. He is widely published academic and recognized speaker in the field of medical image analysis, data mining, algorithm development, medical image and video processing, mathematical, stochastic and forecasting modelling and numerical analysis. He has published more than 170 scientific research papers, five book chapters, and holds thirteen patents.

Prof. Mikael Boesen, MD, PhD, Head of Musculoskeletal Research at IAG, professor of radiology with focus on musculoskeletal imaging and head of the musculoskeletal imaging and research at Copenhagen University and Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital in the Capital region of Denmark. He has 20 years hands-on international experience in clinical research in inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases and serves as a global PI on trials. He is an author of 130+ articles, 6 book chapters and 160 abstracts and he has served as supervisor of more than 20 PhD students and postdocs. He brings together cross-therapeutic area expertise into musculoskeletal imaging from previous work in immuno-oncology and cardiac imaging and he currently spearheads implementation of artificial intelligence into radiological image analysis in Denmark, EU the US all of which he uses to helps drug developers and biotech companies to think outside the box when it comes to designing clinical trials and selecting appropriate imaging strategy within many therapeutic areas.

Prof. Sotirios Bisdas, MD, PhD Head of Neuro-Oncology and Neurology at IAG, neuroradiologist, Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Neurology, UCL, London, UK and professor in radiology at the University of Tübingen, Germany. He is an expert and a distinguished PI in many international clinical studies, which rely on the use of cutting-edge methodologies and advanced imaging in assessing efficacy of novel treatments for brain tumours and other neurological conditions. He co-authored 130 peer-reviewed publications, 7 book chapters related to advanced MRI in neurological and oncological diseases. He is actively involved in designing and publishing guidelines for the use of perfusion imaging in Oncology.

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