IAG’S CEO is Speaking on AI in Drug Development

IAG’S CEO is Speaking on AI in Drug Development

Novel agile methodologies driven by the principals of computer science and mathematics are proposed to revolutionise how we develop drugs, help us achieve truly personalised medicine and disrupt current healthcare practices.

Together with Joann Rhodes, Director of Science, Strategy and Operations at the MSD Discovery Innovation Centre,  Dr. Olga Kubassova, CEO of IAG will be speaking at the Agile Leader’s Workshop on the subject of brining AI into drug development and decision making.

Dr. Olga Kubassova, is invited as Special Guest to Convergence of AI techniques with Drug Discovery, Development & Healthtech Workshop, London, UK, 30 Sept 2019

The workshop brings together researchers and businesses involved in the drug development process for a forum of discussion on topics including; AI in revolutionizing discovery and development, the deployment of AI for truly personalized medicines and the disruption to current healthcare practices.

About IAG

IAG, Image Analysis Group is a unique clinical development partner to life sciences companies. We broadly leverage our proprietary image analysis methodologies, power of our cloud platform DYNAMIKA, years of experience in AI and Machine Learning as well as bespoke co-development business models to ensure higher probability for promising therapeutics to reach the patients. Our independent Bio-Partnering division fuses risk-sharing business models and agile culture to accelerate novel drug development, www.ia-grp.com.