A Powerful Partnership with AVM Biotechnology: Hope and Progress

A Powerful Partnership with AVM Biotechnology: Hope and Progress

A Powerful Partnership with AVM Biotechnology: Hope and Progress

Every victory in the fight against cancer and autoimmune diseases holds immense value, not just for the patients who gain precious time, but for the dedicated researchers and clinicians striving for breakthroughs.

We are sharing a patient story from our biotech partner AVM Biotechnology, a clinical-stage company driven by cutting-edge science.

Their innovative therapy, AVM0703, is currently in a clinical trial:

The OPAL Study: AVM0703 for Treatment of Lymphoid Malignancies (OPAL): https://clinicaltrials.gov/study/NCT04329728

The driving force behind AVM Biotechnology is Dr. Theresa Deisher, whose personal story fuels the company’s mission. Her unwavering commitment to developing therapies that could spare other families the unimaginable pain of losing a child to illness.

“Patient stories like this make our work worthwhile,” says Dr. Olga Kubassova, CEO of IAG. “Every day, we are inspired by the strength and resilience of patients. Their fight motivates us to push boundaries and explore innovative approaches to bring transformative therapies to those in need.”

Fuelling Precision Medicine with Cutting-Edge Imaging Analysis:

AVM Biotechnology’s commitment to scientific rigor and personalized medicine is further bolstered by the collaboration with IAG, IMAGE ANALYSIS GROUP.

IAG brings their expertise in advanced imaging analysis to the table, playing a critical role in optimizing AVM0703’s development and treatment protocols.

“We are proud to partner with AVM Biotechnology and contribute our expertise in advanced imaging analysis to their groundbreaking work,” says Bhavani Dabbiru, at IAG. “Our state-of-the-art technology allows for deeper insights into treatment response and individual patient characteristics, paving the way for personalized treatment approaches and accelerating the development process.”

IAG’s involvement underscores the importance of precision medicine in the fight against cancer and autoimmune diseases. DYNAMIKA, IAG’s cutting-edge technology complements AVM0703’s innovative mechanism of action, enabling researchers to tailor treatment regimens to individual patients and enhance clinical trial design.

AVM Biotechnology’s story transcends mere scientific progress; it embodies a shared fight against the odds, fuelled by compassion, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of hope. As Dr. Deisher continues her mission, inspired by the memory of her son and countless patients, AVM0703 offers a beacon of light in the battle against cancer and other devastating diseases.

To learn more about AVM Biotechnology and AVM0703, please visit: https://avmbiotech.com/clinicaltrials/

About Image Analysis Group (IAG):
At the forefront of AI-powered drug development and precision medicine, IAG harnesses the potential of medical imaging and the cutting-edge Dynamika™ platform. We redefine clinical development, offering early drug efficacy assessments, strategic patient recruitment, and predictive analysis. With a pioneering bio-partnering approach, we expand the horizons of asset development through risk-sharing financing and partnering models.

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