The Role of Imaging in the Management of Brain Tumors – Just Published

The Role of Imaging in the Management of Brain Tumors - Just Published

IAG’s Team published a new article ”The Role of Imaging biomarkers derived from Advanced imaging and Radiomics in the management of Brain tumors‘, Frontiers in Oncology, Sept 2020

IAG, Image Analysis Group’s  article ‘The Role of Imaging Biomarkers Derived From Advanced Imaging and Radiomics in the Management of Brain Tumors‘ just been published in the Elsevier’s  journal  ‘Frontiers in Oncology‘, online access here.


Brain lesions are structurally and functionally complex, and there is a growing focus on noninvasive methods to study this complexity to assess the disease status.

Gliomas are a heterogeneous set of tumors, based on their issue, cellular, and molecular characteristics.

The role of imaging biomarkers in disease stratification or management guidance of GBM is less established. This paper discusses  noninvasive imaging biomarkers and how they may be described as a characteristic feature identifiable on an imaging study that indicates a key disease process.

‘The key step is to establish these new biomarkers through correlation with ground truths, which could be the previously imaging-based “gold standards,” clinical outcomes, or pathologic evidence,’ said Dr. Diana Dupont Roettger, Chief Scientific Alliance Officer of IAG.

There is an increasing fund of quantitative imaging biomarkers (QIB) that are catalyzing the practice of precision medicine . In clinical trials, the QIBs are being used as surrogate endpoints, which can significantly reduce the time and incurred costs.

Imaging Biomarkers are being explored as predictive classifiers for clinical trials, which can be used for patient selection/recruitment and in the timely determination of responders vs. nonresponders, added Dr. Sotiros Bisdas, Sn Medical Lead at IAG.

Authors: Faiq Shaikh, Diana Dupont-Roettger, Jamshid Dehmeshki, Omer Awan, Olga Kubassova and Sotirios Bisdas

Online Access:

Ref: Front. Oncol., 19 August 2020 |

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