IAG will join Gliobalstoma Drug Development Summit, March 2024

IAG will join Gliobalstoma Drug Development Summit, March 2024

Dr Kubassova, IAG’s President will join Gliobalstoma Drug Development Summit, Boston, March 2024

Having worked for several years with multiple sponsors to design, coordinate, and run clinical trials on Glioblastoma, Image Analysis Group is deeply involved in the research and development of new safe and efficient drugs.

From March 26 to 28, Dr. Olga Kubassova, Founder and President of IAG, will attend the 5th Glioblastoma Drug Development Summit in Boston. This is the only industry-led, therapeutic agnostic event which brings together large pharma, biotech, neurosurgeons and world-renowned academics alongside investors with a shared mission: revolutionizing glioblastoma and CNS tumour drug development. In a field of constant new discoveries and emerging novel drug targets, the fight against Glioblastoma is more promising than ever.

We look forward to meeting researchers, drug developers and patient groups to discuss new collaborations and share our expertise.


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Image Analysis Group, is a leading imaging Clinical Research Organization that combines medical and operational expertise with cutting-edge proprietary A.I. capabilities to power drug development, and to deliver the potential for a companion diagnostic tool. IAG has been serving biotech and pharma clients globally since 2007, reliably supporting all aspects of phase I to III imaging trials across multiple indications. Our team helps to optimise imaging studies by leveraging our in-house radiology expertise in the design and execution of trials, and through our cutting-edge Dynamika™ platform, which allows for effective imaging data management and accelerated patient recruitment.

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