IAG’s 3 Abstracts in Oncology Drug Development are Accepted for ASCO’19

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IAG’s 3 Abstracts in Oncology Drug Development are Accepted for ASCO’19

IAG’s scientific team will present our 3 abstracts focusing on multiparametric MRI as a superior methodology for detection of disease progression in various malignant disorders, including high-grade gliomas and solid tumors at American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) at Chicago, USA,  June 1-5, 2019. The team will discuss the challenges biotech companies face in oncology trials and explore IAG’s novel strategies to include advanced imaging biomarkers in the clinical development process.

The first abstract, entitled; “Multi-parametric MRI as supplement to mRANO criteria for response assessment to MDNA55 in adults with recurrent or progressive glioblastoma”, showed that  multiparametric MRI is a useful adjunct methodology to conventional and modified RANO for the assessment of treatment response, as it allowed for better determination of pseudoprogression by quantitative biomarkers, such as tumor infiltration, edema, and ischemia.

This work has been done in collaboration with Medicenna, who are developing MDNA55 as a novel immunotherapeutic agent and co-authored by IAG’s Diana Roettger and Faiq Shaikh, UCLH’s Sotirios Bisdas, and Medicenna’s Chandtip Chandhasin, Melissa Coello, Nina Merchant, Fahar Merchant, and Martin Bexon.

The second abstract, entitled: “Early response assessment through multiparametric MRI based endpoints in a phase II multicenter study evaluating the efficacy of DPX-Survivac, intermittent low dose cyclophosphamide (CPA) and pembrolizumab combination study in subjects with solid tumors” also explores the effectiveness of mp-MRI and CT in the early therapy response assessment in solid tumors, when used as an adjunct to the CT-based RECIST criteria.

The authors include IAG’s Diana Roettger and Faiq Shaikh, UCLH’s Sotirios Bisdas, and IMV’s Lisa MacDonald, Stephan Fiset, Gabriela Nicola Rosu.

The third abstract, entitled: “Decision making in surveillance of high-grade gliomas using perfusion MRI as adjunct to conventional MRI and artificial intelligence” further compares these exploratory techniques to other standardized imaging approaches in cancer imaging. The authors include Sotirios Bisdas, Loizos Shakallis, Andy McEvoy, Anna Miserocchi, George Samandouras, Lewis Thorne, Sebastian Brandner, Jeremy Rees, Naomi Ferscht, Jorge M. Cardoso, Jasmina Panovska-Griffiths, and Carole Sudre from University College London.

These abstracts are examples of our ongoing pursuit of scientific excellence in the field of medical imaging by providing cutting edge imaging techniques and quantitative methodologies for assessment of treatment efficacy, and vetting them through scientific process for robustness and reproducibility.

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IAG, Image Analysis Group is a unique partner to life sciences companies. IAG leverages expertise in medical imaging and the power of Dynamika™ – our proprietary cloud-based platform, to de-risk clinical development and deliver lifesaving therapies into the hands of patients much sooner.  IAG provides early drug efficacy assessments, smart patient recruitment and predictive analysis of advanced treatment manifestations, thus lowering investment risk and accelerating study outcomes. IAG bio-partnering takes a broader view on asset development bringing R&D solutions, operational breadth, radiological expertise via risk-sharing financing and partnering models.

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