IAG Expands Leadership Team with Appointment of Jan Lundberg


IAG Expands Leadership Team with Appointment of Jan Lundberg

IAG Expands Leadership Team with Appointment of Jan Lundberg as a Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

London, UK and Philadelphia, USA—IAG, Image Analysis Group, a unique partner to life science companies committed to its ambitious goal of bringing the best of technological innovation, AI and quantitative imaging to optimize the speed, cost and time of bio-pharmaceutical R&D, today announced the appointment of veteran biopharma leader Dr. Jan Lundberg, MD PhD as Chairman of its Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Lundberg, a scientist with over 22 years of experience in global pharmaceutical R&D. Until recently he was heading R&D organization for Ely Lilly and previously – global research for AstraZeneca. He was involved with discovery of more than 200 candidate drugs and 22 approved products across multiple therapeutic areas, including immunology, oncology and neurology; he has been instrumental for the use of imaging cross therapeutic area projects including amyloid and tau PET imaging in Alzheimer’s dementia.

His career began in Karolinska institutet, where he was a professor of pharmacology and a co-founder of Aerocrine AB.

Jan will be chairing IAG’s distinguished board of in-house scientists, imaging experts and academic collaborators. IAG’s core is in the science and technology. The long-standing Scientific Advisory Board is fuelling IAG’s internal innovation efforts while helping our bio-pharmaceutical partners to maximize the chances of success when developing novel therapeutic agents.

Jan will also be joining IAG’s corporate board as a Non-Executive Director.

Jan brings the scientific leadership skills and will drive our vision of IAG as the scientific powerhouse, as we rapidly developing partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies and preparing to expand our reach globally“, said Dr. Olga Kubassova, the CEO and founder of IAG,

The depth of experience and the strength of Jan’s leadership are much welcomed by IAG’s Board,” added Christophe Berthoux, the recently appointed chairman of IAG.


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