Advancing Connectivity & Interoperability in Trials of Rheumatic Diseases

Advancing Connectivity & Interoperability in Trials of Rheumatic Diseases

ZiteLab Aps and IAG, Image Analysis Group Partner to Integrate IAG’s DYNAMIKA and the SAMRI Platforms to Advance Connectivity and Interoperability in Clinical Trials of Rheumatic Diseases

IAG, Image Analysis Group is an imaging expert company that helps to accelerate novel drug development by using the right analytical tools and modern trial infrastructure. This includes bringing AI, Machine Learning and smart image analysis methods to ensure the speed and cost-effectiveness, while delivering true insights about your mechanism of action and patients’ response, in real-time. 

ZiteLab bridges the gap between patients, healthcare providers and the IT systems that have grown into an indispensable part of the healthcare experience. This includes long term partnerships with University Hospitals and other private and public research driven institutions. 

IAG and ZiteLab ApS have partnered to integrate IAG’s DYNAMIKA and the SAMRI platforms for scalable, intelligent and fast MRI data analysis for use in clinical trials of rheumatic diseases. 

DYNAMIKA, IAG’s cloud-based platform, greatly improves efficiencies and data control for management of all imaging components within clinical trials by combining state-of-the-art infrastructure with built-in AI-driven algorithms to generate robust trial endpoints. Its cloud architecture allows the seamless merge of real time quality control, review and reporting of image data with most commonly used scoring systems.  

SAMRI, ZiteLab’s platform has been developed in conjunction with rheumatology key opinion leaders and seamlessly integrates an intuitive interface for the scoring of the most complex of anatomies by radiologists, particularly in rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis.  

The partners will integrate SAMRIs optimized scoring tools with DYNAMIKA’s image management and viewing functionality to provide a comprehensive platform for global multi-centre clinical trials, testing therapies for rheumatic diseases.

This partnership will be a key driver for efficiency within clinical trials as well as building the foundation to understand better the analysis as performed by users for future improvements.   

 “This partnership will help bio-pharma companies developing novel therapeutics to tackle chronic diseases and diseases of aging. This modern trial infrastructure allows to deploy a wide range of novel imaging and scoring criteria in the trials. Thus, helping to accelerate clinical development of novel therapeutic agents and drive accuracy and speed of the patient response assessments“commented Jamshid Dehmeshki, Chief Technology Officer at IAG.

Ultimately, having the cloud infrastructure and novel methods for treatment efficacy assessment in once place  will lead to much more targeted R&D, reduced costs and timelines of clinical development, ” added Dr. Olga Kubassova, CEO of IAG.  

Such collaboration can truly be part of key drivers to operational efficiency. Our imaging experts’ and clinical collaborators’ data will be centralised and simultaneously available, therefore improving overall study transparency. We have the potential to provide a more comprehensive outlook on the factors influencing treatment efficacy evaluation, which in turn guarantees effective delivery of safe and efficacious treatments to patients.” added Romiesa Hagoug, Senior Clinical Project Manager at IAG. 

We are proud of our work at the forefront of this exciting research and support the development of novel therapeutic agents,” Niels Steen Krogh, CEO of ZiteLab


About Image Analysis Group (IAG)

IAG, Image Analysis Group is a unique partner to life sciences companies. IAG leverages expertise in medical imaging and the power of Dynamika™ – our proprietary cloud-based platform, to de-risk clinical development and deliver lifesaving therapies into the hands of patients much sooner.  IAG provides early drug efficacy assessments, smart patient recruitment and predictive analysis of advanced treatment manifestations, thus lowering investment risk and accelerating study outcomes. IAG bio-partnering takes a broader view on asset development bringing R&D solutions, operational breadth, radiological expertise via risk-sharing financing and partnering models.

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