IAG’ Scientific Research Team Presenting at the 2018 British Neuro-Oncology Society Conference

IAG’ Scientific Research Team Presenting at the 2018 British Neuro-Oncology Society Conference

Dr. Diana Roettger, Head of Scientific and Medical Affairs at Image Analysis Group (IAG), is meeting with key biotech companies at the British Neuro-Oncology Society Conference (BNOS) at the University of Winchester from July 4-6, 2018. Dr. Roettger will meet with Key Opinion Leaders to further understand the role of imaging in Brain Cancer Studies and focus on both the clinical and scientific aspects of Neuro-Oncology.

The IAG team will be presenting our work The Role Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Perfusion- Weighted MRI Reliable in the Estimation of IDH Mutation in Gliomas. In this study, we aimed to investigate whether Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Perfusion- Weighted Imaging (DSC – PWI), enhanced by texture analysis and machine learning, can stratify gliomas according to their IDH mutation status.

To join our conversation or schedule a meeting at BNOS please email: contact@ia-grp.com

About BNOS Conference

The annual BNOS conference takes place at various UK locations and runs over three days. This major event ensures that all those working in neuro-oncology in the UK meet to learn, discuss, and impart new findings within a friendly and informal atmosphere. The multidisciplinary role of BNOS is represented by plenary sessions, presentations, discussions, debates, sponsored symposia, meet-the-expert sessions, role-play and posters covering a wide variety of topics which may range from stem cells and in-vitro models to classification and biomarkers, neuro-imaging and neuro-surgical techniques, immuno-oncology, quality of life and indicators of patient performance. Learn more at https://www.bnos.org.uk/events/bnos-conference/

About IAG

IAG is a strategic partner to bio-pharmaceutical companies developing new treatments to improve patients’ lives. Our dynamic Strategy, Trial Solutions and Bio-Partnering divisions work closely to meet critical needs of biotechnology companies: funding, clinical development and monetization of their assets. We fuse decades of therapeutic insights, risk-sharing business model and agile culture to accelerate novel drug development. IAG broadly leverages its core imaging expertise, proprietary technology platform DYNAMIKA and capabilities to support an objective early go no/ go decision and drive excellence for tomorrow’s innovative therapeutic agents with speed. www.ia-grp.com