Developing OA Drugs in Times of ”Rapidly Progressive OA”

Developing OA Drugs in Times of ”Rapidly Progressive OA”

Developing Osteoarthritis Drugs in Times of ”Rapidly Progressive Osteoarthritis”

Join us to discuss rapidly progressive osteoarthritis (RPOA) and challenges of designing and executing Osteoarthritis clinical trials.

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The design of osteoarthritis (OA) clinical trials investigating novel OA drug therapeutics has always been challenging. In this webinar, we want to discuss a particular challenge of accounting for patients who may develop rapidly progressive osteoarthritis (RPOA). The etymology and epidemiology of RPOA are not yet well characterised. We nowadays know that the dramatic radiologic manifestations of RPOA can lead to diagnostic confusion with other arthropathies, infection, and osteonecrosis.

Design of a successful clinical trial must incorporate an imaging strategy that would allow to exclude patients who are at risk of developing RPOA, as this would have profound implications on the trial outcomes and safety of patients. It is therefore imperative to understand RPOA and how imaging can assist in defining patient eligibility prior to enrolment as well as monitoring patient safety during clinical trials.

Key discussion points:

  • Regulatory perspective and future directions in knee OA drug development
  • Observational radiographic features that may lead to prompt diagnosis of RPOA
  • Design of clinical trials of osteoarthritis and use of imaging in identifying RPOA

Presenter: Prof. Mikael Boesen:
Professor of musculoskeletal imaging, hands-on radiologist with 20 years of international experience in clinical research in inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases. Prof. Boesen is a global PI, speakers and author of 80+ articles and book chapters. He brings together cross-therapeutic area expertise and helps drug developers to think outside the box when it comes to designing clinical trials and selection imaging strategy.

Presenter: Dr. Lee Simon:
Rheumatologist, physician and research scientist with extensive drug development experience. He served as a director of FDA division for of Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory and Ophthalmologic Drug Products and currently advises many biotech and pharmaceutical companies on designing impactful clinical programs. Dr. Simon is a Principal Consultant and member of IAG’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Moderator: Dr. Olga Kubassova:
CEO of IAG, Image Analysis Group, Mathematician and computer scientist with 10+ years expertise in actively managing innovation in life science companies. Scientific interests are in quantitative imaging, development of novel efficacy methodologies, with AI, Machine Learning for fast objective early decisions in clinical trials.

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