IAG’s Musculoskeletal Experts Attend OARSI2019, 2-5 May 2019, Toronto


Dr. Olga Kubassova, Scientific Founder and CEO of IAG, Image Analysis Group, Prof. Mikael Boesen, Chair of Clinical Advisory Board and Prof. Ali Mobasheri, Head of Research & Enterprise (Rheumatology) at IAG will be attending OARSI, 2 – 5 May 2019 in Toronto, Canada.

We see that the success of disease-modifying osteoarthritis drug (DMOAD) development is still elusive. While there have been successes in preclinical and early clinical studies, phase 3 clinical trials have failed so far and there is still no approved, widely available DMOAD on the market.

The latest research suggests that, among other causes, poor trial outcomes might be explained by the fact that osteoarthritis (OA) is a heterogeneous disease with distinct phenotypes. OA trials might be more successful if they would address and target a specific phenotype.

It is clear that the increasing availability of advanced techniques to detect particular OA characteristics expands the possibilities to distinguish between such potential OA phenotypes. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is among the key imaging techniques to stratify and monitor patients with changes in bone, cartilage and inflammation.

Biochemical markers have mainly used as secondary parameters and could further delineate phenotypes. Moreover, post-hoc analyses of trial data have suggested the existence of distinct pain phenotypes and their relevance in the design of clinical trials.

IAG’s scientific rheumatology experts are here to discuss the role of precision medicine, Artificial Intelligence, quantitative advanced imaging to achieve early efficacy endpoints in drug development for osteoarthritis.



OARSI is the premier international organization for scientists and health care professionals focused on the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis through the promotion and presentation of research, education and the worldwide dissemination of new knowledge. To find out more about this conference click here.

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