Just Published: UTE T2* mapping of tendinopathic patellar tendons

UTE T2* mapping of tendinopathic patellar tendons: an MRI reproducibility study

There is currently a lack of imaging modalities that can be used as a sensitive measure in tendinopathy.

Tendinopathy, also called tendinosis, refers to the breakdown of collagen in a tendon. This causes burning pain in addition to reduced flexibility and range of motion. While tendinopathy can affect any tendon, it’s more common in the: Achilles tendon. rotator cuff tendons.

As newer imaging becomes available, it is important to assess its sensitivity and reproducibility of the measurements.

Recent findings suggest the applicability of ultra-short echo time (UTE) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) T2* mapping in tendons.

These data demonstrate a small bias between repeated measurements for UTE T2*, but with a very low associated mean difference (3.7%) between the two tests.

The high ICC values and low typical error % demonstrate reproducibility of repeated T2*-mapping sessions.

The method showed substantial intra- and inter-observer reproducibility for T2* values proving feasibility for use of UTE T2* mapping in research and clinical practice.

Title: UTE T2* mapping of tendinopathic patellar tendons: an MRI reproducibility study.

Journal: Acta Radiologica 2021 Feb; 62(2):215-224

Authors: Anne-Sofie Agergaard, Nikolaj M Malmgaard-Clausen, Rene B Svensson, Janus D Nybing, Mikael Boesen, Michael Kjaer, S Peter Magnusson, Philip Hansen

Access Online: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/0284185120918807

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