Radiology Site Team and Prime Investigator

‘We have had the opportunity to collaborate with IAG, IMAGE ANALYSIS GROUP as the CRO for an arthritis project that used DYNAMIKA software as part of the protocol. My role was as the principal investigator on the imaging (MRI) part of the study. In this regard, the communication with IAG was always comforting and professional. All interactions with IAG had a very high level of knowledge, emails were always swiftly replied and the way inevitable problems were handled, with respect to our institution’s s work procedures, was simply outstanding. At the initiation of the project, IAG had staff visit our site to ensure uniform data management, provided instructions on how to upload the acquired images and to ensure that all GCP requirements were honoured. Finally, all manuals and forms were clear, which minimised any misunderstandings even for customers, like myself, that are not native English speakers’,