Accelerating Drug Development & Reducing Risk of Failure


We leverage our core expertise in medical image analysis and trial design. By working closely with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to understand their objectives, problems, and challenges, we excel at deploying optimal study-specific analysis and scoring methodologies.

Medical imaging-based biomarkers play a critical role in the early understanding of therapeutic efficacy and patients’ response to treatment. The choice of MRI, CT, PET, or more complex imaging modalities should be specific to the mechanism of action, new treatment manifestations, the timing of the imaging visits, and the desired study outcomes.

When chosen smartly, imaging endpoints can greatly support trial enrichment through patient stratification, provide information of early efficacy and safety, allow to make go/no-go decisions objectively and often predict drug responses at much earlier timepoint.

We work with organizations of various sizes and varied levels of in-house expertise in imaging:

  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Device companiest
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Contract Research Organizations

End-to-end Solutions

Our goal is to accelerate drug development, de-risk trial execution, and to ensure integrity and scientific credibility of your data.

IAG’s expert team provides comprehensive support throughout the entire trial lifecycle, from protocol design to the delivery of final report and regulatory discussions.

Each trial benefits from the use of IAG’s platform DYNAMIKA that centralizes data, streamlines process of data and stakeholder management and ensures ensures quality of imaging data.

We will closely work with the Sponsor and CRO teams to align project objectives and focus on the desired outcomes.

Our experienced team will deliver.

  • Study documentation, inc. imaging trial plan, protocol, communication plan, data management plan, site and reader manuals,
  • Ethical Board Fillings and IRB submission supporting documentation,
  • Project and site management,
  • Selection and qualification of imaging sites,
  • Imaging site training and initiation,
  • Imaging data management,
  • Image quality control,
  • Site & centralized read and biomarker extraction,
  • Statistical analysis and submission.
Imaging Services in Clinical Trials

We strategically use imaging, such as MRI, CT, and PET to accelerate drug development and lower investment risks. Whether you are entering a phase I/II and need early robust efficacy data or preparing a successful H2H or superiority trial, our science, operations, and technology teams will work with you to develop the right solution.


is IAG’s proprietary enterprise-scale cloud-based platform for imaging processing and data management. It works across multi-centre trial settings to enable central imaging review.​

This one comprehensive software system controls trial progress conducts central reads and, when needed, it can be integrated with AI tools for earlier read-outs and decision support.


Quality Management

Our Quality Management System is certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI).


Since 2007, over 2000 articles were published to cover scientific discoveries, technology break-throughs and special cases. We list here some critically important papers and abstracts.