Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is the most common autoimmune systemic disease of the connective tissue affecting individuals in the developmental age.  It typically causes joint pain and inflammation in the hands, knees, ankles, elbows and/or wrists and may affect other body parts. IAG’s team supported development of novel treatments in each of the six types of JIA:

  • Oligoarthritis: Affects four or fewer joints, typically the large ones (knees, ankles, elbows).
  • Polyarthritis: Affects five or more joints, often on both sides of the body (both knees, both wrists, etc.). May affect large and small joints.
  • Systemic: Affects the entire body (joints, skin and internal organs).
  • Psoriatic arthritis (PsA): Joint symptoms and a rash.
  • Enthesitis-related: Also known as spondyloarthritis. Affects where the muscles, ligaments or tendons attach to the bone (entheses).
  • Undifferentiated: Symptoms don’t match up perfectly with any of the subtypes, but inflammation is present in one or more joints.

IAG’s team has extensive expertise and track record in using medical imaging to identify and select patients as well as to assess the treatment impact, including use of

  • X-ray
  • MRI
  • US
  • Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI
  • Whole-body MRI

Ultrasound assessments involve qualitative assessment of joint cavities, tendon sheaths and bursae for the presence of synovitis, intra-and extraarticular fat tissue to visualize signs of inflammation, hyaline cartilage, cartilaginous epiphysis and subchondral bone to detect cysts and erosions, and ligaments, tendons and their entheses for signs of enthesopathies and tendinopathies.

Quantitative MRI to measure changes in inflammation in peripheral joints, tendon sheaths and bursae, bone marrow assessment and identification of inflammatory lesions in whole-body MRI, particularly when the clinical picture is unclear.

Assessment of MRI of the spine and spinal cord to diagnose synovial joint inflammation, bone marrow oedema and spondylodiscitis as well as to assess their activity, location, and complications (spinal canal stenosis, subluxation, e.g. in the atlantoaxial region).

Assessment of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI to measure the activity of synovitis and confirmation of inflammation in the subchondral bone tissue.

IAG’s team plays an active role in the scientific community and have led the development of novel scoring systems for early assessment of synovial inflammatory changes, quantification of inflammation (bone marrow oedema and synovial) and quantitative assessment of erosive changes. Our expert team and medical team have been working on the assessment of diagnostic and predictive value of single joints quantitative DCE-MRI based imaging biomarkers in JIA as compared to the clinical scores.

About IAG, Image Analysis Group

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Experience: Scoring Systems
  • Quantitative Inflammation (DEMRIQ)
  • Juvenile Arthritis MRI Score (JAMRIS)
  • US Doppler
Experience: Imaging
  • MRI
  • Contrast MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • Radiography

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