ONCOLOGY: Fluorescence imaging

ONCOLOGY: Fluorescence imaging

Fluorescence Imaging

Fluorescence imaging utilizes molecules with fluorescent property – fluorophores – that are excited by specific wavelengths of light, depending on the molecular property.

Subsequently, light is re-emitted with less energy but with longer wavelengths.

The penetration depth of the light depends on the wavelengths.

The near-infrared (NIR) spectrum of 700–1200 nm, the so-called “optical window,” has advantages for in vivo fluorescence imaging as there are less photon scattering, less absorption and less autofluorescence from tissue compared to light in the the visual spectrum. Whereas fluorescence in the visual spectrum can be detected by the human eye, fluorescence in the NIR spectrum requires a digital camera system as light in the NIR spectrum it is not visible to the human eye (Vonk et al, 2021).

Fluorescence guided surgery is an intraoperative medical technique used to generate a real-time fluorescence image to guide the surgical procedure for optimal resection of the tumor (Vonk et al, 2021 and Zheng et al, 2019).


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