We are building a diversified portfolio of innovative life science companies at various stages of clinical development, that improve the quality of life for patients and maximize benefit to our society.

By bringing strategic collaborators and smart investments, we support their drug development efforts through clinical trials to market entry.

Our biotech portfolio companies take advantage of a range of innovative R&D solutions, risk-sharing financing and partnership models, early visibility of study performance through DYNAMIKA platform and tailored strategy for potential pharmaceutical partnerships.

We share R&D risks of clinical development programs and provide in-kind support to biotech and pharma companies, with potential to become a licenced pharmaceutical product, addressing unmet patient needs in immune-oncology, oncology, inflammation, neurology, rare disease, rheumatology, musculoskeletal, immunology markets.

We welcome projects seeking involvement of IAG’ expert team and advisors to bring additional value and increase chances of success for our portfolio companies.

Should a portfolio company aim to seek a non-diluting funds, we are able to provide support including expertise of our academic partners to access national and international funds.

We are interested to discuss

  • Development of clinical stage assets
  • IP acquisition from the academic partners and biotech companies
  • Investment partnerships
  • Strategic collaborations

‘We understand that developing successful worldwide partnerships is key to supporting patients’ needs. Our team is looking to create win-win situations, bringing the best of science to accelerating novel drug development and commercialization of new therapies. Continuously sharing our expertise and building long-lasting dynamic collaborations is one of the main goals of IAG,’ Dr. Olga Kubassova, CEO.


IAG, Image Analysis Group

IAG’ leading R&D and global operations together with funding mechanisms holistically address the broader issues experienced by biopharma with active and often complex clinical trial pipelines by providing an integrated approach to clinical development and strategic planning.

Partnering Success Stories 

Targeted market assessment, patented benchmarking libraries, analytics platform and the most comprehensive expert advisory board  help our clients to formulate clear strategy and design the optimal trial for early go / no go decisions.

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