We enable biotech and pharma executive teams to grow the company’s value by maximizing clinical outcomes and chances of success through improved business norms. For over 10 years, we helped our bio-pharma partners to overcome the challenges to successful drug development and achieved unparalleled business results by transferring our scientific expertise, operational practices and technology innovation to their organizations.

Examples include Phase 3 deal terms at the Phase 2 stage, achieving statistically significant efficacy data in Phase I, agreeing to an acquisition before study completion, Phase 2 study results being accepted by the FDA as a pivotal study.

In all our projects, we use our patented benchmarking libraries, analytics platform DYNAMIKA and expert advisory board to diligently design your trial and to choose the right biomarkers and endpoints so that we can accurately project costs and timelines, discover risks and identify potential regulatory issues or barriers to approval.

We understand that each trial needs to deliver scientifically credible data, which is often pivotal to any future developments of your assets as well as financial health of the company. This is a summary of the metrics on the results from our biotech and pharma clients.