Image Analysis for Gout Clinical Trials

End-to-End Support of Gout Studies



Shorten Time to Market: Every day in drug development counts as patients are waiting for new treatments. IAG’s streamlined processes and global network expedite clinical trials without compromising quality.

Expertise You Can Trust: IAG has a proven track record of tackling complex imaging challenges – from managing sites, resolving queries, integrating novel endpoints and supporting overall stakeholder collaboration.

Global Support, Local Focus: We placed our team of imaging specialists in geographically important hubs (EU, Asia, USA), which enables them to provide efficient answers to the sites and support global trials, with speed.

Value-Driven Partnerships: We prioritize delivering the highest quality data at competitive cost. We thrive to build long term relationships with our partners and clients.


We understand the value of time and transparency in clinical development, and power our trials with DYNAMIKA platform. It is designed to efficiently process imaging data, support all trial stakeholders, deliver results via reports or dashboards. Thus, helping our partners, readers and sponsors to fast decisions.

As an example, IAG was contacted by the USA based global pharmaceutical company to support their phase II clinical trial. The objective was to collect DCE-MRI and DECT scans from globally distributed sites and assess their drug for efficacy. DECT was used to assess impact of the drug on crystal resolution. Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI was used to assess the inflammatory changes.

Our sponsor has chosen us for our expertise in the field, our global network, and our proprietary platform where analysis was made in real-time, and the result was shared with the different parties.

The work involving 25 patients, which were analysed with IAG’s proprietary analysis technique was  published as  ‘A Post-Hoc Analysis of the Synovial-Based Inflammation During Inter-Critical Gout Using A Novel Semi-Automatic Quantitative MRI Tool‘, showing that in this post-hoc analysis of patients with inter-critical gout, significant improvement in sub-clinical, synovial-based inflammation after 9 months of ULT was detected with this novel MRI-based quantitative tool. This technique deserves further study as a potential tool to assess inter-critical gout.


Reproducibility: Properly acquired and correctly analysed advanced imaging scans result in very low precision error which allows detection of subtle changes over time.

Harmonisation: Capturing phantom scans and monitoring image output across different imaging equipment vendors over the course of your study is vital to have a consistent data output.

Accessibility: IAG has worked with many imaging facilities and can recommend high-performing Imaging Sites for your study, reducing risk and improving patient recruitment.

Transparency: DYNAMIKA is a proprietary, secure image transfer and processing system that provides real-time access to tracking information throughout the study.


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Managing data across multiple sites in clinical trials can be complex and time-consuming. Recognizing this challenge, our team of experts developed DYNAMIKA. It is IAG’s proprietary enterprise-scale cloud-based platform for imaging processing and data management. It works across multi-centre trial settings to enable central imaging review.​ This one comprehensive software system controls trial progress, conducts central reads and, when needed, it can be integrated with AI tools for earlier read-outs and decision support. Read more here.



Image Analysis Group is a unique partner to life sciences companies. Our goal is to accelerate novel drug developments, by using the right analytical tools and a modern trial infrastructure. At IAG, we are committed to helping our biotech and pharma partners to efficiently develop novel life-changing medicines, accelerating their R&D pipelines through advanced analytics, IAG’s technology solutions and imaging contract research services. We see each project as an oportunity to build a long lasting partnership and to become an extension of your team.

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